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  • Highlight Glow In The Dark Glitter
  • Highlight Glow In The Dark Glitter
  • Highlight Glow In The Dark Glitter
Highlight Glow In The Dark Glitter Highlight Glow In The Dark Glitter Highlight Glow In The Dark Glitter

Highlight Glow In The Dark Glitter

  • Product No.:NG Series
  • Color:Rainbow Luminous Glitter Color/Color Luminous Glitter Color
  • Size:1/24"(0.40mm)~1/4"(6.35mm)
  • Shape:Hexagon/Square/Strip/Star/Heart etc
  • PACKING:It can be customized as the customers'packing requirement
  • OEM&Sample:Available
  • Delivery Time:5-7 days
  • Payment:T/T,L/C,Western Union etc
  • Online Inquiry

◆◇ Product Information:

Description:The highlight glow in the dark glitter produced by Pangzhan Company is made by the special processing.Its luminous color is generally divided into three kinds:yellow green,blue green and sky blue.It can absorb all kinds of natural light or other light sources in a dark environment to achieve self-luminescence,and can be used cyclically.The high quality glow in the dark powder can start with high brightness for more than 2-5 hours,and then fade slowly,but its afterglow can last more than 15 hours.Glow in the dark powder is widely used in makeup,eye shadow and other cosmetics, children DIY,toys etc.

       Basic Information:
Best Quality And Sparkle Glitter Powder For Artwork Decoration
       Model Number:NG01/NG10/NG26/NG30-NG51..
       Color:Iridescent color→Luminous lemon green / Orange color→Luminous orange / Green color→Luminous green / Pink Red→Luminous pink red / Blue Color→Luminous Blue / Magenta color→Luminous Magenta Color
       Materials:PET Film etc
       SHAPE:Hexagon/Square/Strip/Round/Star/Moon/Heart etc
       TEMPERATURE:High Temperature Resistance(100℃)
       ACID AND ALKALI RESISTANT:High Acid&Alkali Resistant

       STORAGE:dry,prevent direct sun exposure
       DELIVERY TIEM:Order will be delivered within 7 days or be according to our agreement
       PAYMENT:T/T,L/C,Western Union,Paypal etc.
       Remarks:Above pictures are only for reference,all standards are subject to the object.

       APPLICATON:Glitter for Christmas decoration,Adhesive products,glitter flakes for radiators covers,glitter powder for tiles,Christmas crafts,glass crafts,candle crafts,ceramic crafts,screen printing,greeting card ouplets, cosmetics, building materials,wallpaper,leather,paint,decorative materials,children DIY,toys and etc.

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◆◇ Packages:


1. To ensure sufficient supply and favorable price of raw materials,we have maintained long-term and stable cooperation with domestic and foreign suppliers.

2. With advanced sophisticated machinery equipment and exquisite technology,we do better to improve our product quality.

3. To meet our customers'different requirements,we have set up a R&D department and constantly pursued technological innovation,so that our products can be diversified for customers'choice.

4. Our professional service:

a) Each batch of goods is controlled by the quality control center before delivery.

b) Provide special customized color to our customers,also we keep samples for customers.

c) According to the characteristics of customers'products,we recommend suitable products for their reference and support the sample test.

5. A number of production equipment meets the requirements of mass order production.Cargo can be delivered on time according to the agreed time.

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