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What is Glitter?
The introduction of glitter powder's variety,color,shape,raw materials and production flow.... View More>>
Glitter For  Different  Industries
Let us introduce the method of glitter application for the Christams Art,Candle Art,Iron Art and Paper Art.... View More>>
About the use of wallpaper
It is without doubt that walls are the most seen surface in a home or office. Due to this, proper wall treatments represent a critical interior design element, which has an effect on the feel of each room. Wallpapers allows designers and homeowners to c... View More>>
Luminous Paint Market Overview
Luminous Paint Market -Industry Analysis, Market Size, Share, Trends, Growth And Forecast 2021 - 2026... View More>>
Luminous Pigment For Plastic Injection  Industry
How to apply luminous pigment for plastic injection industry... View More>>
How to Use Photoluminescent Pigment for paint
How to Use Photoluminescent Pigment for paint... View More>>
The Usage of glitter powder for nail
Glitter For Nail Polish will bring you the sparkle effect. But how to apply glitter for nail polish ? Let us tell you.... View More>>
Can glitter apply to painting?
Due to glitter powder's colorful,hierarchical,stereoscopic and shiny properties,it is widely used in surface treatment,including the application of paint industry... View More>>
The Production Process Of Glitter Powder Applying To Christmas Crafts
The Production Process Of Glitter Powder Applying To Christmas Crafts... View More>>
The main requirements of glitter powder
Glitter powder with heat and solvent resistance is widely applied for screen printing,clothing printing,paper printing,leather printing and other mainstream industries.... View More>>
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